I currently have three different brochures available: A General Information Brochure, a Care and Use brochure for my wooden flutes and a Care and Use brochure for my beginner flutes. The information in my General Inforamtion brochure unfolds after the PDF download links for the borchures. Also, the PDF files are setup for double-sided printing, so the text actually starts on the second page of each brochure and then continues to the first.

  • General Information (5.3 MB PDF - best printed on Legal Size Paper)
  • Wooden Flute Care and Use (3.8 MB PDF)
  • Beginner Flute Care and Use (4.4 MB PDF)
  • Origins

    A cool wind blows through an unknown valley. Firelight strains upward in dancing finger-like tendrils towards a boundless night sky. The underbrush rustles and the night bird calls. From the distance, a pure tone emanates, carried on the wind. An ethereal voice speaking melodiously above the symphony of the nightó not in discord, but in harmony. It is not shunned, but is welcomed and embraced and becomes one with the night. It is the soul of the first flute player touching the world and changing it forever...


    We really donít know exactly where or when the first flute was created and played, but I would like to think it happened something like what I have depicted here. We do know that it occurred thousands and thousands of years ago.

    From ancient times to the present, music has played a central role in our cultures. It is an inseparable part of our humanity. Mankindís first musical instrument was our own voice, followed shortly afterward by the flute. I feel that the flute is the instrument that most closely approximates and extends the human voice. Nearly every culture has produced their own flute-like instruments and many have extensive mythologies to describe their origins. More often than not, these attribute them as gifts from the Creator. This is my belief as well.

    Today, there are hundreds of types of flutes in the world. I make but a small number of these and most of the flutes I make are in the Native American Style. The hauntingly beautiful sound of this style flute has reached deep down inside me and captured my heart. Now I am compelled to make them.