Flute Anatomy

To prepare you for the topics in the remainder of this brochure, a quick walk through of the various parts of the Native American Style Flute is in order.

  • A — Head or Mouthpiece
  • B — Slow Air Chamber (SAC)
  • C — Bird / Block / Totem / Fetish
  • D — True Sound Hole (TSH)
  • E — Finger Holes
  • F — Foot or End
  • G — Main Bore
  • H — Plug
  • I — Flue

When you breath air into the Mouthpiece ( A ), your breath enters the Slow Air Chamber ( B ). It is then forced up under the Bird ( C ) and through a thin channel called the Flue (I). The thin air stream then passes over the cutting edge of the True Sound Hole ( D ) creating the sound.