Native American Flutes are part of the Native American culture and as such are protected under the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 and the Indian Arts and Crafts Enforcement Act of 2000. The Code of Federal Regulations [CITE:25CFR309.9] states “A non-Indian can make and sell products in the style of Indian art or craft products only if the non-Indian or other seller does not falsely suggest to consumers that the products have been made by an Indian. “

I am not an Indian and do not represent my flutes as being Indian made. I have great respect for the Native culture and use the word “Style” to distinguish my flutes from the Native American Flutes made by Native flute makers. In addition to this, I specifically state that I am not of Native decent and that my flutes are not Native made.

More information can be found at the Indian Arts and Crafts Board web site.